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Interview Insanity: Night-Before Antics

Thorough preparation is the key to maximizing your chances of acing your job interview. What is sometimes forgotten is that what you do the night before your interview can have a significant impact on your performance. Watch these examples of poor night-before preparation.  

Interview Insanity: Poor Body Language

Body language. It can be the silent killer in your effort to make a good first impression. Here are some examples of how poor body language in a job interview can sabotage your best intentions. Plus, you’ll find tips for presenting yourself in the best possible way. Remember, confidence goes a long way!  

Top Career Path for Nurses: Research

You can use your nursing knowledge to discover new treatments that can improve patient care for the long-term. Learn more about nursing jobs in the field of research in this video. Search for nurse researcher jobs now!

Top Career Path for Nurses: Palliative Care

Hospital-based palliative care programs are growing, which means there’s a growing need for nurses in this field. If you find reward in helping patients manage their symptoms and pain, learn more about these jobs in our video. Search for palliative nursing jobs now!

Top Career Path: Alternative Therapies

Acupuncture, acupressure and herbal remedies are just a few of the less conventional treatments finding their way into Western medicine. And you can bring these options to your practice by specializing in one or more alternative therapies. Learn more by watching the video, then click on the “click here” button above.

Top Career Path for Nurses: Transplant Coordinators

Over 120,000 Americans are on the waiting lists for life-saving organ or stem cell transplants. Nurses are needed in a number of roles in these procedures, including transplant coordinator. Watch the video, then click on the “click here” button to learn more. Search for jobs now!  

Volunteer Your Way into a New Job

Lacking the experience you need to land a new job? Consider a volunteer opportunity to make the connections you need to discover a new path. Volunteerism looks great on your resume. And it shows you care about people and are involved in your community — or the world community. Watch our video for ideas on putting your expertise into play at the local or international level.

Insights from a Healthcare Recruiter

Julie Hill, BSN, RN, healthcare recruiter for Georgetown Hospital System in South Carolina, offers job-seeking tips for new nurse graduates and experienced nurses. Her thoughts might help you prepare for a job search with any hospital system.  

Top Career Path for Nurses: Legal Affairs

If you have dual interest in medical care and the law, many doors are open for your next career move. Care manager, legal nurse consultant and nurse paralegal are just a few positions that blend these two disciplines. Search for jobs now!  

Get Off Your Feet with These Nursing Careers

Get Off  Your Feet
Twelve-hour shifts of walking, running and standing can take their toll, especially if you’ve been in direct patient care for years. If you’re looking for the next chapter of your nursing career to be a little easier on your feet, check out some great nursing opportunities in this video. Related article: Physically Drained? Try These Less-Taxing Nursing Jobs Related videos: Top Career Path for Nurses: Informatics Top Career Path for Nurses: Educator Search for jobs now!