William Morrow

William Morrow is the recruiting and retention coordinator at Southwestern Medical Center in Lawton, Okla., a military town of about 80,000 with four hospitals. Staffing is a challenge there, which is why he uses AllHealthcareJobs.com to recruit RNs from all around the country.

What to Consider Before Making a Big Move

What to Consider Before Moving for a New Job
So you’ve talked to the recruiter, the department director and maybe the chief nursing officer. Now is the time to decide, are you really willing to relocate for this particular job? For most, it’s not an easy decision. Here are some points to consider before you accept the position. Is this the job I really want? There are a lot of nursing jobs across the country. If you are living in an area with a large number of nurses or nursing schools,…  continue »

5 Hiring Tips from a Hospital Recruiter

5 Hiring Tips from a Hospital Recruiter
Being a healthcare recruiter is both a rewarding and frustrating position, much like being in direct patient care! Having been in recruiting for the last six years I have talked to thousands of job seekers (even a few that didn’t even know they were seeking) and have discovered some things that trip up both applicants and recruiters over and over. Don’t overestimate your experience It is frustrating when I read a resume that claims six years experience as a registered nurse, but…  continue »