Sample Cover Letter for School Nurse

HCcoverlettersampleThis is another in Health Callings’ ongoing series of sample cover letters for a variety of healthcare professions. Check back often to find a sample that suits your specific profession.

Remember: A cover letter is not just a rehash of your resume.

About this letter

  • If you don’t know a specific person to address in the letter, use “Dear Human Resources” or call the human resources department at the school district office to find out to whom the letter should be addressed.
  • The words in boldface throughout the letter below are keywords that were used in the job description (see below). Using the same keywords in the cover letter will get it through the organization’s applicant tracking software.
  • The cover letter mentions a referral and recommendation by a RN who works at another school for this employer.
  • It’s contained on a single page.

A template for your own cover letter


Ms. Jane Smith
Director, Human Resources
Name of school district

Dear Ms. Smith:

I am responding to your job posting at Health Callings for an experienced school nurse. As you consider candidates for this position, I believe you’ll find value in my prior work in [name of community] school system and my active role in the community, where parents view me as a trusted partner in their childrens’ care.

I am CPR-certified and state licensed, and have worked for the last two years full-time at [name of school]. I’ve attached a recommendation from [name of employee], who mentored me for the first six months I was on the job.

During my time at [name of school], I treated a wide variety of illnesses and minor injuries for elementary school children (K-5), including sprains, scrapes and cuts; flu outbreaks, colds and fevers, toothaches, food poisoning and upset stomachs. I also provided emergency care to two students and one teacher in the past year, providing basic medical care until the paramedics arrived at the school. Our principal commended my exemplary care during those critical times.

I’m keenly aware of the Affordable Care Act’s expected influence on school nurses’ need to help monitor chronic diseases and expand community outreach efforts. I embrace that role for school nurses and look forward to enabling those benefits to children in your district.

I look forward to discussing how my experience can augment your school nursing staff.


Your name, with credentials


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Job description

  • One year full-time school nursing experience within the last three years
  • Current state registered nurse license
  • Current CPR certification
  • BSN preferred


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