Sample Cover Letter for Nursing Informatics

HCcoverlettersampleThis is another in Health Callings’ ongoing series of sample cover letters for a variety of healthcare professions. Check back often to find a sample that suits your specific profession.

About this letter

  • If you don’t know a specific person to address in the letter, use “Dear Human Resources” or call the human resources department at the company to find out to whom the letter should be addressed.
  • The words in boldface throughout the letter below are keywords that were used in the job description (see below). Using the same keywords in the cover letter will get it through the organization’s applicant tracking software.
  • The cover letter highlights a couple of the applicant’s skill sets specifically mentioned in the job description.
  • It’s contained on a single page.

A template for your own cover letter


Ms. Jane Smith
Director, Human Resources
Company name
Company address

Dear Ms. Smith:

I am writing in response to your online posting at Health Callings for the position of Nursing Informatics Specialist. My background in nursing and EHR implementation should be of interest as you consider ideal candidates for this position.

I hold a BSN and have four years of direct patient care at [name of community hospital]. I was responsible for developing an EHR training manual for multidisciplinary teams and individual clinical departments. I was able to do so after volunteering to participate in the EHR provider’s outside training sessions. As a result, I also assisted with dozens of two-hour education sessions with all levels within the hospital, meeting the training deadlines identified by upper management.

I’m grateful for the experience, but now want to contribute to electronic medical record implementation at a larger institution. As your mission statement itself says, an institution such as [name of prospective employer] offers the ability to handle complex cases that community hospitals rarely see. The level of informatics skill required at such a facility I’m sure is correspondingly more complex.I’ve demonstrated that I am prepared for that challenge.

I am a state-licensed RN, and I am certified in BLS and CPR for the Professional Rescuer.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how my informatics skill set will complement and expand what’s already in place at [name of prospective employer].


Your name, with credentials


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Job description

* Acts as a liaison, role model, educator and champion for clinical staff in understanding, utilizing, optimizing, designing systems and processes to increase efficiency and quality of evidence-based care provision.

* Facilitates effective working relationships among departments and disciplines to achieve desired organizational outcomes associated with implementation and optimization of the electronic medical record system.

* Guides the creation of processes, within the system capabilities, to collect, record and share patient information, reduce redundancy and standardize clinical practice and documentation.

* Integrates nursing science, computer science and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom in evidence based nursing practice.

* Models the nursing process to facilitate the integration of data, information and knowledge to support patients, nurses and other providers in their decision-making in all roles and settings.

* Recognizes the impact of change and strategically plans communication and education and functions as a Nursing Informatics expert to assure clinical adoption across the system.

Requirements:  BSN required; State Registered Nurse license or eligible; must have an American Heart Association basic life support (BLS) or an American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification; minimum of three (3) years of direct patient care; demonstrates knowledge of computers and desktop software; excellent communication, writing, organizational and presentation skills; ability to effectively interact with multidisciplinary teams including physicians, administrative staff, clinical personnel, and peers.

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