Sample Cover Letter for New Nursing Grad

Sample Cover Letter for Pediatric NurseThis is another in Health Callings’ ongoing series of sample cover letters for a variety of healthcare professions. Check back often to find a sample that suits your specific profession.

This letter would be appropriate for a brand-new nursing grad, who is facing a challenging job market in her state because most employers want to hire experienced nurses. The letter is being sent to a potential employer who has a high need for RNs, but has not specifically posted a job for a new RN-BSN.

The query letter is expressing interest in potential job openings while emphasizing the applicant’s interests (pediatrics) and student experiences. The letter concludes by asking for an informational meeting.

A template for your own cover letter


Ms. Jane Smith
Human Resources Director
Company name
Company address

Dear Ms. Smith:

As a lifetime resident of [state name] and a current senior in the nursing program at [school name], I am writing to express my interest in joining the nursing team at [employer name]. This semester, I am conducting my senior leadership experience at [hospital name] in the pediatric oncology unit, where I am gaining exposure to quality patient care, great team work and a broad base of clinical knowledge. My professional goal is stay in my home state, and contribute to a multidisciplinary team, ideally within a hospital setting such as yours where patient care is paramount.

As indicated in my enclosed resume, I was employed last summer in the office of [doctor’s name]. This experience exposed me to a diverse patient load, primarily serving women and infants, and provided me an opportunity to develop my communication skills while supporting nurses’ interactions with patients. I also had the opportunity to work at the front desk which furthered my skills in patient interaction.

These two experiences have driven my desire to begin my career in a pediatric unit such as the highly recognized one within [company name]. I realize at this time your organization is not hiring new RNs. Would it be possible to meet with you to discuss your future needs, and how I might be considered for future openings?

To help you better understand my drive and clinical skills, I am enclosing a letter of recommendation from my instructor in the Nursing Leadership course I am completing this semester. Moving into a nurse leadership role is my ultimate goal, so that my nursing skills can contribute to the ongoing development of our state’s nursing workforce.

I look forward to a more specific discussion about how my experience and passion can contribute to [name of prospective employer] continued growth. I will follow-up with you in the next week to see if we can arrange for a time to meet for a brief introduction.

I appreciate your consideration of this request.


Your name, with credentials

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