How to Find a Job in Georgia?

HCquestionA question was recently asked by a member of our healthcare community, and we thought you could help us respond:

“I’ve been having trouble getting a Medical Assistant job in Georgia, mainly because I am still living in New York. I am getting ready to move by the beginning of June this year, but I wanted to have the job first. What am I doing wrong? Can someone suggest how I should go about getting ready to relocate to a new state? Thanks!”

Cynthia R. from New York

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  1. BY Angela Musey says:

    Cynthia R from New York,

    You are probably not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately, it is difficult for medical assistants here in Georgia to find jobs. They are promised jobs after medical assistant training, only to be disheartened even months after completing the program.

    I am an RN of almost 20 years (am now a practicing accountant but work one to two days a month in the hospital to maintain my labor and delivery skills) and have experienced the changes in the hospital industry in the roles of medical/nursing assistants from the hospital setting to physician's offices or nursing homes. The exceptions to the hospital rule are those medical assistants with additional surgical training who are able to find work as surgical technicians (on my labor and delivery unit surgical techs assist the physicians in surgery; in the OR Dept, these surgical techs also assist the surgeons in Operating room surgical procedures.

    Other than these two specialty areas, it is difficult to find a hospital position. If you have not done so already, begin looking into nursing homes, physician's offices or hospital clinics for positions.

    I wish you the best in your job search.

    Angela A. Musey, RN, MBA, MACC
    Revenue Integrity Charge Audit Educator