Where Can a Phlebotomist Find a Job?

HCquestionA question was recently asked by a member of our healthcare community, and we thought you could help us respond:

“Why am I having so much trouble getting back into the phlebotomy field? I moved to Florida in 2008, and I found work in about three weeks. I worked for Labcorp for a little over three years. I had to change my hours because of family matters, but I can go back to first shift. I have been filling out applications all over the place: hospitals, clinics, blood banks. Nothing, not one catch. Am I being black balled from the medical field?”

Darlene, via email

Offer your job-search tips for Darlene and other phlebotomists by posting a comment below.


  1. BY Gwendolyn Robinson says:

    Hello I have been a phlebotomy tech. I find that agency or contract work is the best route to go when working as a Phlebotomist. I have found that most Nurses and CNAs are collecting blood now in the hospitals. This has hurt the Phlebotomy industry.

  2. BY Jo says:

    You are not alone. I changed my career to become a Phlebotomist, because it was a career I always wanted to do. I took the course and passed, took my boards and passed.I also became CPR with AED certified. I have been applying to labs, hospitals, clinics, medical centers as well as applying for positions in the admin assistant field for over a year. To date, nothing. You need 1-2 years experience in phlebotomy and unable to get it without a job. The catch 22 scenario. I have 4 colleagues with the same problem. They say it's a growing field. I can't see how or where. I finally gave up.

  3. BY Joel Taylor says:

    I have been certified for more than a year. I can't find anyone to hire me. They want 1 to 2 years experience. 5 people out of my class of 40 have found work. Could not even get into plasma donor center. It's very bad out there; no one gives a new grad a job. Good luck to everyone still trying to find work.

  4. BY Melissa Thomas says:

    I have been certified for since 2005. Initially, I couldn't find a job either. I became a Certified Laboratory Technician. That was the only way, I could find a job using my phlebotomy. I currently work a rotating shift. No one wants to hire you as either a Laboratory Technician or a Phlebotomist unless you work these crazy rotoating shifts. I am still looking for something with a single shift because I change every – other- day. If anyone has any ideas, help please.

  5. BY John Cawthorne says:

    Volunteer at thr Red Cross or any Blood bank everyone likes free help and that will give you experience

    • BY Karen h says:

      The Red Cross will not let you volunteer as a Phlebotomist. Only a greeter. I am in the same boat as many of you speak of. And i called the Red Cross also seeking a volunteer position to build up experience. But im not gonna give up either. "GOD" will work it out for me.

  6. BY Cyndi Bradford says:

    I have been a phlebotomist for 11 years now. The best place to start out is at a blood bank for experience sticking. I know it is daunting when you apply and you don't hear back, but keep applying and actually go by where you apply and ask about the position. I was wanting to move to Texas to be near family there, but I didn't have much luck down there even with my experience.

  7. BY Richard Faust says:

    The field is more competitive now, but be encourage and keep seeking. I'm going through he same thing.

  8. BY Ann says:

    I've been trying to get FT where I work. I feel if I'm good enough to work PT weekends only for over 7 years then I'm good enough to work FT Monday-Thursday 10 hour days, with every Friday,Saturday, and Sunday off.
    I've been applying to other hospital's too don't get me wrong but I haven't gotten a call to get interview let alone get a job. I feel strongly they only want students just out of school so they can pay them very little.
    Where as I am a CMA, I've been in the medical field 22 years and 7 of those years I've been a phlebotomist. For some reason they don't want a experienced phlebotomist. Companies don't want to hire me because they don't want to pay me what I'm worth. Only what they want which is as little as $8/$9 an hour for a student. In this economy I need $25 an hour so I'm stuck having to work at a job living pay check to pay check. I'm miserable :(

    • BY Dinnie Gottschalk says:

      Hi Ann, that is exactly the position I am in too. The medical field is flooded with new MA's and Phlebotomy Techs. I am a CMA, RMA, RPT, and a CNA. The CNA jobs are out there but minimal hours and you are right, if you are hired in at $10 an hour you are doing great. But, it just dosen't pay the bills.

  9. BY denise Bruns says:

    I took a uncredited class was charged a large amount. Upon completion I was advised I was unemployable because GRCC class was not credited. GRCC knew tbeir class would produce unemployability. There is no assistence to obtain training to secure training. They are robbing many students knowing employers will not consider any of these students as employees. Its wrong.

  10. BY Terry ballard says:

    I am a nurse asst. of twenty year and have medtech lic.andphlembotomy license. Need a good job. New phlembotomist having a hard time finding a job.

  11. BY Dinnie Gottschalk says:

    I have been a certified Phlebotomist since 2009 and have yet to find a position. I am a Medical Assistant and a CNA. Unfortunately CNA work is out there if you want to go 2 hours here and 2 hours there but it doesn't pay the bills has been my experience.

  12. BY Susan says:

    I have 13 years experience in all fields of Phlebotomy. I recently relocated to North Carolina hoping to go to work with no problem. It has been 1 year. I have filled out numerous applications. I can't even get an interview. I love doing this job but it seems North Carolina is a hard state to be a Phlebotomist in. I just want to go back to work doing what I love.