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  1. BY Trish says:

    I have had a legal issue which I am taking care of throught restitution and I am not convicted but status with court is pending until money is paid back. I have applied and been hired for several jobs I disclose on the app what the issue is I get offered the job the background check comes back with exactly what I said on it and they deny me the job most often it is HR that decides this and not the hiring person i.e the manager or administrator. What if anything can I do about this . I have been looking for temporary work in another job not relatd to nursing . I am working part time in a job who is aware of issue and because it is not causing issue with my license they are having me continue to work there. Any ideas or any thoughts of how I can change this. I really dont think I can this issue with be over in September but it is hard to work less than part time and pay restitution as well but I am doing it. Thank you all in advance.

  2. BY xqwizet says:

    My fellow nurses, other professional caregivers and/or the employees thereof: I am a Registered Nurse of fifteen years and an upstanding member of my community. I graduated from high school with a medical assistant (M.A.) certificate and a scholarship for college. I worked as a C.N.A. with my M.A. Cert. just to gain the experience of what is involved in such important work and as an L.P.N. while getting my R.N. degree. I have been looking for work, and although I am qualified for the job, I am not getting callbacks after interviews that have gone very well. I know this because during said interviews I was taught the specifics of the job, asked about how I would like/perform the position, given names of whom I'd be working with, etc. The only reason I can think of as to why I am not getting these jobs may be because of an incident that occurred last January of 2012. An officer came to my home and questioned me about a window that was broken at a home. Apparently no other damage was done and no connection between myself and the person who's house window was broken more than thirteen miles from my own home could be established. I was confused and frightened as I knew nothing about this, but cooperated completely. I asked why was I being questioned about such a thing? I was told that my car's license plate was identified near the scene by the only witness, the home owner's cousin who lived a few houses down. After answering all questions and stating that I had not done such a thing, the officer left. Thirteen months later I was notified by mail that I had been charged with this! I have NOT been found guilty of the misdemeanor, and of course did not do such a thing. I wanted to go to court and clear my name of any wrongdoing immediately! However, due to the courts being over crowded, I could not be "heard" until the end of May of this year. Even then I may have to fight this further and of course this frustrates me! I have been told that a background check should only show things you have been proven guilty of. However, I believe that this may be showing up on my background check, which is otherwise spotless. Can anyone help me to know if my prospective employers are finding this charge? And what if anything can I do about it? I cannot think of one other thing that would be preventing me from getting these positions. I have called/emailed the employers to ask why they have not contacted me, and am only told either they are still interviewing, or that they have filled the position. Please keep in mind that my license is spotless, my references are stellar and I am not asking for special schedules or treatment. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And if any fellow nurses or professional caregivers know of an established, professional company looking for an excellent home health/hospice/pediatric and/or newborn nursery R.N. with experience in vents, main lines, I.V.'s, case management and excellent interpersonal skills that would like full time employment in the Salt Lake City area Thank you, my fellow nurses and caregiver professionals.

    • BY Jacqueline Gan says:

      I would contact a lawyer and maybe the board.

  3. BY Mark King says:

    How can I find a list of all companies that might hire or extend an internship/externship for medical coders?

  4. BY Sheri Overby says:

    I am in my first year as a CNA, with over 5 years of Home Health experience.
    I am an independent contractor. I am retired and I am looking for part time work as
    in home private care. What are some good sources for finding clients when you don't work
    for an agency? I am in Fountain Valley CA 92708 and have a 10 mile redius I would like to stay
    within. I am listed on OC Craigs List. I don't have a very big marketing budget eather, so I could use some help with marketing sugestions.
    Sheri Overby

  5. BY Elizabeth says:

    In 2010, I graduated as a Respiratory Therapist in Washington. I passed my CRT on the day of graduation, and within a year, I had my RRT license. I got good grades in the program, I graduated with honors, and I received good feedback from my teachers and clinical preceptors. Yet, I couldn't find a job.

    I started applying for jobs before I even graduated, yet it took a year to get my first interview. The next didn't come for almost three months after that. I've filled out probably three hundred applications since I graduated. I applied to hospitals, rehab facilities, home care companies. And I've only had a total of six interviews. Six interviews in nearly three years. And whenever I ask why I didn't get the job, it's always the same: "We're looking for someone with more experience."

    I'm a new grad (or a least I was two and a half years ago). Of course I don't have years of experience. That's kind of the whole point of being a new grad. And, now, after all this time, it's only getting worse. Not only do I not have the experience, they can't even trust me to have the skills of a brand-new grad, fresh out of clinical rotation. After all, it's not like I can practice blood gasses or intubation on my family.

    Everyone I've talked to keeps saying "Just hang in there! You'll find something!" Well, I've been "hanging in there" for almost three years, and I've seen nothing for it. I've spent money I can't afford just getting and renewing my license. I can't even afford ALS/BLS certification, or even CPR/First Aid (key requirements in most jobs), without a job to pay for the tests. I've tried staffing/travel agencies, only to be turned away, or outright ignored. And I got laid off from the part-time job I had that put me through college, making money even tighter.

    I don't know where to go from here. Sometimes, it feel like everything I did was a waste. I don't know what to do.

  6. BY Darlene Gatto says:

    Why am I having so much trouble getting back into the phlebotomy field. I moved to Florida in 2008, I found work in about 3 weeks. I worked for Labcorp for a little over 3 years.I had to change my hours becaause of family matters,but I can go back to first shift. I have been filling out applications out all over the place, hospitals,clinics,blood banks. Nothing, not 1catch. Am I being black balled from the medical field.

    • BY David Reiner says:

      Try Panama City-FL. Reason today there was 4 job postings for Phlebotomy staff.

  7. BY Lynn says:

    How can I get an entry medical transcriptionist work at home job without an advanced certification right now

    • BY Lisa says:

      I realize this was posted in April, but wanted to reply to this. I have been working in medical transcription for 12 years. In the beginning, it was a growing field. I was able to earn a great living working from home, though don't let anybody kid you about the hours required to do this. You have to put in your time and work your way to the good money, literally. However, in the past 5 years, the field has declined steadily and rapidly. The work is either being outsourced overseas, being completed by speech recognition engines, or completed by electronic medical records. The work is sparse and the salary is pathetic. I have completely left the field because of those reasons. For every 1 job posted, there are hundreds of applicants. It used to be that I could send out a few resumes, and have solid offers on the table within a week. It is not like that anymore. Even those as experienced as I am cannot find work. I would pursue other options if I were you.

  8. BY Alon Calinao Dy says:


    I have been working in different nursing departments which makes me confident in my clinical practice as a nurse. However, I have found out that it is not easy to find a nursing job specifically in countries of Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In my honest opinion, these employers prefer to hire employees locally than those applicants who are coming from various parts in the world. Unlike before, they would come to Philippines, for example, to hire applicants. But nowadays, none of them is interested to recruit prospective employees. It makes me feel sad because there are too many qualified nurses.

  9. BY Cynthia Regalado says:

    Hello everyone. I've been having trouble getting a Medical Assistant job in Georgia, mainly because I am still living in New York. I am getting ready to move by the beginning of June this year, but I wanted to have the job first. What am I doing wrong? Can someone suggest how should I go about getting ready to relocate to a new state? Thanks.

  10. BY Lisa says:

    Where have all the medical jobs gone?? I'm looking for nuclear medicine or PET CT…….. Does anyone know of such a creature? I have a lot of experience and can relocate myself…………..HELP!!!

  11. BY Teresa says:

    I have been an Administrative Assistant for a little over 15 years. I have always wanted to work in a hospital or a medical office.
    When I graduated high school I want to go to school to be a nurse but things happened and I didn't get to go.
    My question is
    Is it possible to get a job at a hospital or a medical office with no medical experience but have 15 years of administrative work?


  12. BY Marie says:

    I have been a nurse for 16 years. I worked as a travel nurse for several years all over the country. I enjoyed my job, but I felt that I was ready for a challenge. I graduated from UCLA in 2008 as a family nurse practitioner. I had a hard time finding a job as an NP because of the economic downturn, jobs were limited. I took a position as a research NP, but I was unable to continue because I did not make enough there and they did not have insurance which I needed because of medical problems. I took a job as a contracted employee for Intel. My contract was cut short after a week's notice. It took 10 months to find an NP job. I worked for 5 months there, but had to go on disability and eventually had to be medically separated because of my disability. I had a baby 9 weeks ago and now I need to look for positions. I don't know if I should look for NP positions or go back to an RN job. I am nervous about going back to work as an NP. When I interview, how do I put a positive spin on a bad situation? I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

  13. BY Kristen says:

    After you apply for one of these positions, how long does it typically take to receive a response if the company is interested?

  14. BY Lisa says:

    I'm hoping for some advice/direction here regarding the difficulty I am having making a transition. I have been working in the medical industry since 1987 in different areas. I was trained by a physician as his assistant to perform "back office" work that included everything under the sun – drawing blood, finger sticks, lab testing and recording, assisting with exams and surgeries and ultrasound, vitals, you name it basically. I did this work for a couple of other doctors, as well as some medical secretary work. I started nursing school, but had to leave because of the birth of my special needs daughter. Knowing I had to secure the means to support the two of us, I continued/expanded on medical transcription, and enjoyed a good, solid career and income with this until recently, when the industry has declined and there is no work. I also made a promise to myself that I would return to nursing school when I was able. I am happy to say that my daughter is now healthy and in her freshman year of college. I have selected a school to complete my RN degree. The issue at hand, however, was means to support myself while I do this. I decided to complete a refresher course of phlebotomy technician, and earned my certification June 20, and am taking the ASPT exam in August (for additional certification). My issue is that I cannot find work as a phlebotomist, even though I have a solid background. I think the fact that I have worked remotely for so long is working against me somehow, compounded by my years of experience with 'hands on' patient care taking place so long ago. I have not worked since January and am facing all sorts of wonderful things like losing my home, etc. I have sought work in every field, by the way, including fast food. Does anybody have any tips for me on how I might make this transition or how I can find work as a phlebotomist? Is there something I am doing wrong, something more I should be doing?? It's very discouraging. :( Thanks all!

  15. BY Denise says:

    am 59 & divorced (recently) & need to get back into nursing. havent worked as an LPN since the early 90's (due to marriage issues then) & now am finding trouble getting hired anywhere. am being told i need to take an LPN refresher course. there are no campus based LPN refresher courses near me. the only ones i can find are online & not sure what one i should concider if any of them, due to different states require diff. courses per thier state board of nursing. am planning to move to s.c………….. does anyone have any advice?

  16. BY Barbara Kowal says:

    I am a career administrative assistant with 18+ years of professional corporate experience. I was caught up in the workforce reduction lay-offs in 2009 and lost an executive assistant position of 7 years. I was unemployed and had a series of non-administrative positions while waiting for an opportunity to resume my career. It seems that there are a lot of administrative assistant positions advertised in the healthcare field. Is a background in the healthcare industry required for one of these administrative assistant positions? Although I am many years from retirement, I'm not fresh out of college. I'm afraid that the recession came along at such a time in my career that I may never be gainfully employed again. My skills and experience did not disappear when I was laid off. I've become very frustrated in my job search. Any advice?

  17. BY Linda says:

    I am looking for a job as a Radiographer but it seems I am not being picked for interviews. I am not sure what to do whether I should put out my other resume that does not have my schooling on it. I did receptionist and medical assisting work before and I know that my intentions would only to be there temporarily and continue to look for work in my field. Does anybody have any advise for me??

  18. BY Sandy says:

    I am a 55 year old Physical Therapist Assistant with 35 years of experience and was laid off several months ago for the first time in my career. There are extremely limited jobs available for an Assistant and those that are don't seem to be interested in my extensive experience. I am willing to negotiate salary, but even with that I have had few interviews. It is very disheartening to consider leaving my profession, but my husband is self employed and I need full time work with benefits to support my family.

  19. BY ichemond says:

    Do you believe a 64 years old woman could start a new career in the field of psychology

  20. BY Aubrey says:

    Why has the medical profession chosen to lay off, or fire, LPN/LVN's? We played a most valuable part in the medical profession, and, unlike CNA's, can start IV's (and hang everything except blood), and many of us are certified as Stroke and/or Wound Care nurses. We took a huge responsibility off of the RN's, allowing them to focus on their other many tasks, including care planning, supervision, contacting physicians, transcribing orders, etc. Now, with the implementation, in SNF's, the majority of the hands-on care falls onto the RN's, and I know many RN's who have left the field, because of this. It is only because of money that good nurses, LPN's and LVN's are being eliminated. I have been out of work, post lay-off, for a year and 8 months now. Even if I do get an interview, the competition for jobs is so fierce that most of us stand no chance of getting the position. Add to this the fact that I am over 50, and have a bad back, I do not know where to turn. Non-medical employers never call me, I presume because I've been a nurse for 20 years. It is very scary, ne: downright terrifying, to be this close to retirement age, and unable to find any job. I just wish someone knew what is to happen to LPN's? (And, no, I do not want to go back to school at my age, do not want all of the responsibilities placed on the RN's).

    • BY Jacqueline Gan says:

      Hi, I am a 52 year old female RN and have some of the same questions that you do. From reading posts like the ones here, and speaking to colleagues, I'm under the impression that many health care providers are very discouraged and we share many common issues.

      I too wonder if there is age discrimination. I have heard that nurses with too much experience are often not hired because they are too expensive. There are also other factors. What I don't get is that hospitals, and all other health care employers often keep jobs vacant for months rather than work with some of the available employees.

      In short, health care is in disarray. The finances are a mess and have been for a long time. I hope that the ACA addresses the issues. I would like to see so many of the current barriers to pure patient care come down. I would be just fine if I never again heard the words "in case we get sued" or "HIPPA." Instead I would like to just focus on the patients.

      It seems to me that those that set the finances of health care do not understand the health care component, and the health care providers that cross over to management do not understand the financial aspect, so the patients get sacrificed because of staff cuts. LPNs, in my opinion, have great skills, while RNs have other responsibilities. Many are under utilized instead of using the different skill levels in different roles to improve health outcomes.

      Lastly, I think that employers need to be open to training and/ or cross-training their employees and not have such rigid expectations and give nurses opportunities for growth.

  21. BY Kenny G says:

    Why is it that the pay rate is hardly or never mentioned in the ad for Pharmacy Technician employment? Yet, isn't it taboo to ask if you make it to an interview? How am I to know if it's worth spending 45 minutes filling out an online application?

  22. BY Kenny G says:

    AGE – Us over 50, are having a hard time in this economy. The recession has kicked us out of good paying, stable jobs into a dog-eat-dog employment world where we are competing with our children and grandkids for jobs. Employers must think we are a liability because of our age. Our bodies will soon start to fall apart, we'll start missing work, we demand more money. No we demand a chance! We have homes, cars, bills that need to get paid. I worked 8 years for a homebuilder in Vegas until the collapse of the real estate market. I now have student loans to repay thanks to re-educating myself in the Pharmacy Tech field. I am applying for jobs and studying for the PTCB test. The hospital where I did my externship wants to hire me, but their budget is being cutback for 2014 and 2015. Up in the air right now.
    EXPERIENCE – I once had a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification, straight out of school, new career. All I heard from employers was,"we want someone with experience." I don't have experience, I'm fresh out of school. All I have is the certification, no experience. The employers more than once stated, "that's a catch 22 ain't it?" I never did get hired.
    OVERQUALIFIED – I needed work. I was going broke. Unemployment had run out. I applied at local grocery stores to clear the shopping carts out of the parking lots. I was told, I'm overqualified. I wouldn't stay, so they didn't want to waste time hiring me.
    So where does the unemployed and over 50 fit in, in the grand scheme of things?

  23. BY Ann C says:

    Are there ways to master how your resume gets selected by computer tracking software?

    Also if I possess all the requirements to meet the job description but do not have the degree – should I apply or will the CTS eliminate me?

    I have over 20 years of management and executive management experience running, starting and improving healthcare companies… can this experience trump the degree requirements and if so, with on line applications, how can this be accomplished?

  24. BY Noreen says:

    I just received my license in Medical Coding CPC-H and could not get any employers to even give me a chance for an interview. I also did not get any response for an externship program. I have some ICD-9 experience and I am 55 years old.
    What direction should I go from here? I was a healthcare secretary before this.

  25. BY Lawrance Silva says:

    I just recently left my job as a pharmacy technician in a retail setting. I worked for almost 5 years for the company and was still making less than $12.00 an hour. I am state licensed and nationally certified. I am looking for a position in a hospital setting. Can anyone give me advice on how I could get in? I feel that my retail experience might hurt me. I am wondering if my age might hurt me as well. I am in my 50s. Is the old adage true, that you need to know someone to get in?

  26. BY Jacqueline Gan says:

    If no one is willing to hire someone without experience, how is that person ever get going to get experience. Surely financial arrangements can be made where the experienced employee can get started and the employer can also gain something.

  27. BY Patrick Dornan says:

    I am a PMI-certified PMP (Project Management Professional), with many years of experience managing projects, on budget and on schedule, in multiple industries. However, other than designing data networks for several hospitals, I have no healthcare experience. Is there any point in applying for jobs in this industry with this limitation?

  28. BY Sheila Norwood says:

    I have been unemployed for 1 year now and it has been very difficult to find employment in the Healthcare field. I've applied for Administrative Assistant positions as well as entry level positions in Healthcare, to no avail, I have not had an offer yet. I am 56 years old, Black female with only a high school education with some college with over 20 years of experience in the Heathcare, government and private sector. My next step to is to seek going back school to earn a degree in Medical Assisting or Healthcare Administration. What advice would you provide for this type of situation? by the way, I am seeking employment/reentering the school environment in Alabama as well as California. Thank you

  29. BY Dale E. Bush says:

    I am a newly Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist, AAS in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding (MIBC). Will be taking up my BS at National University, taking up Healthcare Admin. I am currently out of work have since Sept. 2011. I will move if I have to in order to land a job. I am 60 years old. So can someone help me in this area? Will post my cell # if needed.

    Thank you

  30. BY Paul Jenkins says:

    Hello all,

    I am new to this site and would like an opinion and maybe some guidance. I am a seasoned IT director from NY/NJ area and am looking in the hospitals for possible employment there. I have probably replied to about 200+ job boards with two calls. Do they really go anywhere? I have done extensive technical work in South Brunswick NJ hospital in the IT field and was a Volunteer Fireman for 18 years. So I am no starnger to hospitals. My existing contract has run out and I am desperate to find a position in which I can show my talkents and help in any area I can. If anyone has any suggestions, Please contact me.

    Best Regards to all,

    Paul Jenkins 732-779-9087

  31. BY Heather S says:

    Can't find a job because I am a CPC-A. I am also certified in ICD-10-CM. Can anyone tell me how you're supposed to get experience if no will give you a chance.

  32. BY Grace says:

    Are there careers for pharmacists other than retail and hospital????

    • BY Angela Bellizzi says:

      Hi Grace-
      What type of facility would you like to work in? Respond back with your location and I'll do a quick search for you. Or you can filter through opportunities posted by different employers at:

  33. BY Diane K says:

    I am looking to relocate from Mich to Florida. I have a diverse background in many areas of the hospital, with exceptional recommendations from Mgmt to VPs. How difficult is it to get my resume reviewed and to be seriously considered for the job if I dont live local already? I tried to relocate a couple years ago but cannot afford to move without employment secured! "Dont throw out the dirty water until you have clean" Please advise….

  34. BY Roxanne says:

    I am an RCS who has been out of school for almost 2 years now and unable to find a job. Every job that is posted calls for (usually) 2 yrs minimum experience. How do I get experience if no one is willing to give me a chance? Is there something wrong with my resume? I am open to suggestions, pointers, tips, ANYTHING that anyone is willing to share with me would be greatly appreciated.

  35. BY Veronica Leiva says:

    I am becoming frustrated with my job search. I have a bachelor's degree in International Relations and 3 years of experience working social services. The experience that I have in health care is a volunteer and it has not been enough for me obtain a position. I plan to obtain a masters degree in health care administration but would like to start working in health care as a program coordinator. I would to get a piece of advise from you.

  36. BY leslie white says:

    I have my masters degree in criminal justice. What type of certificate or license do I need to be a drug rehabilitation counselor? Also, I am interested in early intervention programs. What requirements are needed?

  37. BY Mike Imbruglia says:

    In March of 2013 I completed a certification course in Health Information Technology in support of Electronic Medical Records. I was offered a scholarship for the program and completed the online course with an "A" in 6 months. I was told by the junior college that I took the course through that this was an up and coming field and that there would be plenty of opportunities. Here it is a year and a half later and still no job offers. All I am told is that I don't have the experience even when looking at entry level positions. Any suggestions?