How Can a Retired Nurse Renew Her License?

HCquestionA question was recently asked by a member of our healthcare community, and we thought you could help us respond:

“I am currently 68 years old, having worked as a critical care RN for most of my 42-year career. After leaving my last position, I felt I wanted to retire so I didn’t renew my license. I am now feeling worthless and would like to re-enter the workforce. How do I go about reactivating my license? I live in the state of Florida where I have always worked.”

Margaret in Florida, via email

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  1. BY Sandra Coppens says:

    I would contact the Florida Department of Health and see what the requirements are. You can go online and get their number

  2. BY John Owens says:

    On a computer go to “” There are links there to reinstate a inactive license. Or, call the dept. of health in Talahasee and they will help.

  3. BY Sonya RN says:

    Hi Margaret

    I live in Florida. Contact Tallahassee. you will have to complete your continuing education requirements… Domestic violence HIV Alzheimers…etc and pay your renewal fees… it’s that simple.

    thanks Sonya

  4. BY Caron D'Ambruso says:

    I was in a similar situation leaving the state for a few years and having my license expire. I called the FL Department of Nursing and they sent me to their website at Depending on how long you've been out of nursing, you may have to take a refresher course. The process of getting a license is fairly straightforward on the FL department of health. Let me know if I can be of further help. I live in Hudson FL near Tampa.

    Caron Ambruso

    • BY Joy Taylor says:

      Also check out this article on our site: What to do if your nursing license has lapsed

      Good luck Margaret!

  5. BY Nancy Malloy says:

    The first thing you must do is STOP FEELING WORTHLESS! You dedicated 42 years or so to Critical Care Nursing. Imagine all that you did for patients and families during your tenure.
    YOU ARE AMAZING. Never forget that.

    Regards and best wishes to you in your "next" phase of Nursing.

  6. BY Pam Comstock says:

    Contact oard of nsg in Tallahasse Fl there very helpful

  7. BY Catherine Spears says:

    According to MQA, for the State of Florida – If the licensee is in active/delinquent status, then they may renew their license by completing the required continuing education hours and paying the renewal fees and a late fee. If the license has gone null and void, the licensee must reapply for licensure by endorsement. If the licensee has not renewed their license for 2 renewal cycles (4 years) then the license will be null and void. I am including the web site for convenience. If you have more questions I would say you need to visit for further information. I hope this helps.