Sample Cover Letter for Pediatric Nurse

Sample Cover Letter for Pediatric NurseHealth Callings’ new feature offers sample cover letters for a variety of healthcare professions. Check back often to find a sample that suits your position. Remember, a cover letter is not just a rehash of your resume.

About this letter

  • If you don’t know a specific person to address in the letter, use “Dear Human Resources at XX Company,” or call the hospital or organization to find out who is handling the applications for this position.
  • The words in boldface throughout the letter below are keywords that were used in the job description (see below). Using the same keywords in the cover letter will get it through the organization’s applicant tracking software.
  • The letter offers third-party recommendations of the applicant, by mentioning an “employee of the month” commendation, and letters from patients’ parents.
  • The cover letter explains why she is looking for a new job (a growth opportunity).
  • Mentioning the organization’s mission statement shows you’ve done your homework.
  • It’s contained on a single page.

A template for your own cover letter


Ms. Jane Smith
Director, Human Resources
Company name
Company address

Dear Ms. Smith:

I am writing in response to your online posting at Health Calling for the position of pediatric RN.

Since graduating with a BSN almost three years ago from [name of school], I’ve worked as a per diem traveling nurse for [name of company] in Atlanta and an RN in the pediatrics practice of Dr. [name of physician].

I’ve developed my patient-parent communication skills a great deal during that time, received an “Employee of the Month” commendation from [name of company] and Dr. [pediatrician’s name] received three letters from patients’ parents complimenting me on my skills and empathy. (They are attached.) One of these letters is from the mother of an emergency patient in our office; the five-year-old patient presented with severe abdominal pain and I worked swiftly with the doctor to perform tests before sending the patient to the ER for an appendectomy.

But I’m eager to move into a staff position in a hospital — especially one with the stature of [company name] — that recognizes the importance of patient-centered models and that nursing is indeed an art and a science. Dr. [pediatrician’s name] is a big proponent of integrated nursing and I learned very quickly how important it is to collaborate with my young patients and their families about their needs and care, and to follow up with a solid preventative outreach program. That included monitoring electronic messages and email from patients and their families.

I am certified in BLS [basic life support] and ACLS [advanced cardiopulmonary life support].

I’d appreciate an opportunity to discuss with you how I can contribute to your organization’s team and make a difference in the advancement of healthcare.


Your name, with credentials

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Job description

  • Provides nursing care to patients within his/her scope of practice, utilizing the nursing process to assess the health status, establish a nursing diagnosis, establish nursing goals to meet healthcare needs, and develop, implement and evaluate a nursing plan of care.
  • Assesses and triages patients presenting to the healthcare setting, including unscheduled patients, emergencies and others.
  • Evaluates emergency situations and initiates appropriate nursing interventions. Leads the nursing response to medical emergencies.
  • Monitors patient and work flows, directs other clinical support staff in the delivery of patient care.
  • Monitors electronic messaging and email related to patient and provider requests and inquires. Manages the messages as appropriate or triages to physician or others as needed.
  • Provides telephonic interactions with patients that require follow-up care and/or preventative outreach.
  • Initiates and monitors IV therapy, administration of medications and other nursing procedures as ordered by the physician or associate practitioner. Assists with procedures and monitors patients’ response during and after the procedure.
  • Assesses patient and family health education needs, provides health teaching and counseling and evaluates effectiveness of the education process.
  • Accurately documents patient data, actions, interventions and patient response according to established guidelines and policies.
  • Leads or participates in quality improvement activities and/or initiatives.
  • Responds effectively to member / patient concerns.
  • Serves as an advocate for the patient. Facilitates transitions and coordination of care across the continuum.

Basic Qualifications: Associates degree; current licensure as a Registered Professional Nurse in the state; current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification; minimum two years of current clinical experience.

Preferred Qualifications: BSN degree; two years experience within a defined area.

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