Sample Cover Letter for Critical-Care Nurse

Here’s another example in our portfolio of sample cover letters.

This letter would be appropriate for a critical-care nurse with at least a year of experience in the ICU in response to a job posting from a medical network that provides per diem and travel options, and local contracts.

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About this letter

  • If you don’t know a specific person to address in the letter, use “Dear Human Resources at [XX] Company.” Or, call the provider and ask for the name of the person accepting applications so you can personally address your letter.
  • The words in boldface throughout the letter below are keywords that were used in the job description (see below). Using the same keywords in the cover letter will get it through the organization’s applicant tracking software.
  • The application includes a letter of recommendation from a nurse who supervised the applicant in the ICU, which is crucial to this job.
  • Mentioning contacts you know at the organization’s partners indicates you’re familiar with the company.
  • It’s contained on a single page.
  • This letter is specifically written toward the very brief job description found at the bottom of this page. With so little information about the job, it’s important to note all of your relevant skills in the letter.

A template for your own cover letter


Human Resource Department
Company name
Company address

Dear Human Resources at [XX] Company,

This letter is in response to your job posting at for the position of Critical Care Nurse for the ICU at your Schenectady, N.Y. facility.

Former colleagues [name] and [name] also mentioned your position. I worked with them at [name of facility] and they now are critical-care nurses at [name of facility], one of your staffing partners.

I’ve been a critical-care RN for five years, and worked in the ICU at [name of facility] for the last three years. I was one of 10 nurses there who were the first to be trained to use a telemetry monitor for [type of patient or illness]. I’ve included a letter of recommendation from [name of supervisor], my ICU supervisor at [name of facility].

I’m particularly interested in your New York position because of a family relocation that makes it an ideal site for me personally and professionally. My New York state license and CPR certification are current. I also added a MSN to my educational background two years ago from [name of school], and more information about my education is included in my resume.

I am available immediately, and I look forward to sharing my critical-care nursing experiences with you — experiences that I believe will add to your network of top-quality healthcare services.


Your name, with credentials
Your address
Your phone number

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Job description

Minimum requirements: One year full-time ICU nursing experience within the last three years. Current New York nursing license and CPR. Related: critical care unit, CCU, intensive care unit, ICU, telemetry, registered nurse.

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