How Many Pages is Your Resume?

What’s appropriate: A short or long resume?

This question was recently asked by a member of our healthcare community, and we thought you could help us respond:

“I’ve read so many different viewpoints on resumes. Some experts say a 2- or 3-page resume is OK. Others adamantly say a resume should be limited to one page. For me (with 10 years experience in critical nursing care) it’s impossible to get all my credentials crammed onto one page. What are other healthcare professionals doing about the length of their resume? And what do recruiters think of the long versus short resume? Hurry, I’m updating my resume now so I can apply for a new job.”

Linda S., Akron, Ohio

Talk about the length of your resume in the comment section below!


  1. BY Shannon says:

    In the same situation…. Nothing really has an accurate number that is job specific.
    The expectations from a resume have changed many times during my career. Typically, the job application itself requires all the same info that is on a resume…. So why is it really necessary and/ or does it even get looked at?

  2. BY Claire Brown says:

    Mine is two pages, in order to cover everything I had to make it two pages. It’s my opinion that my experience is vital to my qualifications for a job.

  3. BY john says:

    I am going to 1 page now. Can't say if it will work any better.

  4. BY Jim says:

    Two page resumes are fine as long as you fill the second page. Review your resume and limit your jobs to the last ten years or last four jobs. The job application is a legal document and should you be hired the application goes in your personnel file so, your jobs should match your resume exactly. Good luck.

  5. BY Sue says:

    I agree that 1 page is inadequate for the skills and certifications we need to put on our resume. Mine is 2 pages with size 10 font or 3 pages with standard size 12 font. I have also heard that font sizes other than size 12 will not be accepted by the application process at some human resource companies. Is that true?