Interview Questions for Radiologic Techs

Interview Questions for Radiologic TechsIf you’re a radiologic technologist and are looking for work, you’re in luck. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions in the field are expected to increase by 28 percent into 2020, and currently the median annual wage is $54,340. While the future looks bright, are you prepared to interview? Here are a few questions that are likely to be asked.

Why do you want to work here?

Your potential employer wants to know if you’ve done your research and if you’re a candidate who’ll care about the whole enterprise, not just the job. Make sure to do some advance sleuthing so you can be specific about the facility, their reputation and their objectives.

What are your best qualities?

Don’t be shy, they really want to know. It’s a plus if you can use something that’s relevant to radiography, such as your organizational skills, ability to work on a team or your people skills.

What’s your biggest weakness?

This question gets asked no matter what kind of job you’re interviewing for. The trick is being able to spin your deficit into a positive. Let’s say your weakness is time management or working on a team; give examples of everything you’ve done and have continued to do to successfully overcome your limitation.

How would you handle calls for mobile X-rays, theater and in-patients waiting all at the same time?

Can you prioritize? This is the time to demonstrate your organization/time management skills. Of course, you’d break down the cases in order of severity and then, if necessary, you’d ask for assistance. Finally, you’d communicate with the referring parties, keeping them informed of where their patients stand in the queue.

How would you respond to a patient who refuses an X-ray?

The interviewer wants to know you can handle a difficult patient with detente. Your response should be that you’d make sure the patient understands what the procedure entails and would then ask about their concerns. If they continue to refuse the exam, you would notify the referring physician and not force the issue.

What would you do if an underage girl comes in with her mother and tells you in confidence that she may be pregnant?

This situation happens more often than you’d think. Answering correctly will highlight your communication skills, professional boundaries and discretion. Your response should be to discreetly ask the girl about her pregnancy status out of ear shot from her mother. Contact the referring physician to find out if they’re aware of the situation and ask how they want to proceed. If the exam is not to be performed, which is most likely, you are not in the position to inform the mother of the details. You would let her know that you’ve spoken with the doctor and that this may not be the right time to perform the test. Then you’d suggest they return to their doctor for any further discussion.

Be ready for standard radiological questions as well, including: post exam film check protocol, image order for trauma series and best projections for a variety of injuries.

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