Supercharge Your Job Search in 2013

Supercharge  Your Job Search for 2012Managing your job search in this economy takes a lot of energy. Scouring job postings, never-ending networking, and constant applications and interviews can take a toll if you’re not careful.

Your job search can only ever have as much energy as you do. For 2013, taking time to recharge yourself will supercharge your job search. Try these techniques:

Write What’s Right: Studies show that people are happier when they take a few minutes each day to write down what is going well and what they are grateful for. Do what feels good to you. Write a few sentences about something good that happened during the day or something you are thankful for in your life and you’ll feel better about your job search and about life in general.

Start Small: What substance is tougher: water or rock? The answer is water. Over time, small drops of water can erode stone. In your life, small consistent actions can also overcome obstacles. Big goals and big dreams are great as long as you remember that you achieve them with one step at a time. Break down your goals into chunks that are easier to focus on and accomplish. And, if you ever feel that you don’t know how to move forward, ask, “What is the smallest step I can take toward my goal?”

Celebrate Small Successes: Getting a job is not the only measure of success. A job offer only happens after many small victories. Did you apply for a job today? Did you call someone you know to talk about your job search? Did you investigate a new kind of position? Pay attention to everything you do and take a moment to praise yourself. Some people have become so discouraged that they’ve stopped looking for a job altogether. You have the courage and persistence to keep going. Celebrate it.

Seek Support: It’s a proven fact that the quality of your connections to others has a bigger impact on your personal satisfaction than almost anything else. It’s easy to get so caught up in your job search that you forget that there are people around who want to help. Make a point of connecting with friends and loved ones and using their support network in 2013. Don’t have a network? You can make one by joining a job-search forum or looking for a community group for job seekers.

Create a Replenishing Ritual: We all have things that energize us and help turn a good day into a great day. Commit to discovering and practicing those rituals that replenish you every day. A few minutes each morning to read, journal or meditate can make a lasting difference.

The final technique is to Adjust Your Attitude. While you might wish for the perfect job, the reality is that a search is less like a sprint and more like a marathon. The good news is that when you make recharging yourself a priority, you know you’ll be able to finish the race. More than that you’ll be “supercharged” all along the way and have enough energy to really savor crossing the finish line.

Happy job hunting in 2013!

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