Why are Some Nurses Rude?

Why are Some Nurses Rude?A good friend of mine recently spent some time at the University of Iowa Hospitals, providing support to a family member going through medical consults and testing with a half a dozen specialists. Diagnosis: cancer.

Both my friend and the patient speak highly of the doctors, who took plenty time to explain procedures and answer their questions. But they found their experiences with some nurses were quite different. “Why are the nurses so rude?” they asked me.

Better for nurses to respond to this one! What’s your take on the situation? Are teaching hospitals overwhelmed with patients, and understaffed? Are nurses not embracing the concept of patient-centered care? Or is this just an isolated incident?



  1. BY Betty Nelson says:

    Nurses in many cases are underpaid and overworked and very stressed out, but it does not give them the right to be rude to patients. Compassion is never forgotten. I myself, am a nurse and I have seen a few nurses who definitely should have chosen a different profession. Rudeness is also never forgotten. Patients are sometimes very rude to us nurses too, but we need to remember it is much harder to smile and be polite when you are sick.