How to Ask for a Job Back (After Resigning)

How to Asky for a Job Back (After Resigning)Have you ever resigned, then wished you could take it back the moment the words left your lips? Lots of people give notice after a tough day or week of work, especially when working in a stressful field like healthcare. Is it even possible to ask for your job back after you’ve resigned?

The answer depends on how you left your job.

For example, if you told your boss exactly what you think of their management style, you’ll have a harder time convincing them to rehire you. On the other hand, if you resigned in a professional manner, and gave the employer adequate notice, you might stand a fighting chance of gaining that job back.

But before you even ask, consider why you resigned in the first place. It’s unlikely much will change should you return to the same workplace.

Let’s assume you really want your old position, and you left in a way that will allow your boss to take you back – if they wanted to do so. Set up a face-to-face meeting with your manager, as this type of conversation is best handled in person. Be honest with your supervisor and take responsibility for resigning. Explain why you feel you should be given a second chance. If need be, share lessons you’ve learned, so the boss won’t worry you’ll quit again next week.

I’m not going to kid you. This won’t be an easy conversation. But if you truly feel you made a mistake, own up to it and ask for your job. The worst that can happen is your boss says “no” – and you can move forward, without wondering what might have been.


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